6 & Under Lead Line

This will only be for our 6 & under kiddos. This will be a
parent volunteer ran/non pay event. Membership will cost $25.00 each unless you are doing the family membership. You will not be required to call in for your entries, it will be a enter as you arrive on Saturday morning. No times will be recorded and no points will be given. They will be required to enter and pay for 6 of the 8 rodeos to qualify for the year end awards. Ribbons will be given to each contestant as they finish all of the events. Sign ups will start at 8:30 on Saturday morning and close at 9:00. We will start running the patterns at 9:00. Dress code will be enforced in the arena with the exception of a hat. We will not require them to wear a hat. Long sleeve shirt, long pants, and boots are required.
Entry fees will be $10.00 per event and we will have 3 events to participate in. Barrels , (3) poles, and goat ribbon pull. All 3 events will be set up in the arena at the same time. As the contestant finishes one event they will roll right into the next one. I think we should be able to get through all of this in an hour and be ready for the regular performance by 10:00. We take any and all feedback so if you have any we would love to hear it.